George Devlin RBA RGI FRSA RSW RWS ( 1937 - 2014 )


George Devlin in his Studio
George Devlin in his Studio

"I was at JFK airport, on my way back to London, when I received word via email of George's passing.

When I got back to London, in my mail, was a typical positive letter from George written a day or two before he died.

George Devlin was the most positive person I have ever known. We corresponded for some years and he always joked or wrote lightly of the cancer that was always with him and finally took him. George never let it dominate his life and continued to travel and paint until the very end.

Not only was George a wonderful committed painter in the Scottish colourist tradition (I had the pleasure of seeing several of his late shows at the Portland Gallery), he was also a great raconteur and communicator via the written word.

George Devlin - Lamlash Boatyard, Watercolour
Lamlash Boatyard, Watercolour

He was a generous man both in spirit and in deed. If he presented you with a bottle of Scotch, as thanks for some small favour, it was always the finest blended variety.

George was a natural communicator and teacher and if there was anything positive in his passing it was that he died just before his beloved Glasgow School of Art, where he had taught, was gutted by fire. That would have broken George's heart.

It has been said "Old painters never die, they just paint away" and this is true of George. We will sadly miss the man but we will always have his voice through his work."

Ken Howard